(includes the 3 levels: Beginners – Intermediate – Master)

Advanced Mentoring

This is a unique program tailored to specific requests. The Whale course is open to students who successfully completed the Master Level - The Tiger and want to go deeper into really advanced concepts and exotic strategies used by professional traders. The One on One Mentoring class is open to students of all levels that desire personalized sessions.

Advanced Level

Introduction to Stochastic Volatility and Volatility Surface Dynamics, Trading pure Variance with Variance Swaps and Variance Futures. Statistical arbitrage between linear products (VIX futures) and convex products (Variance Swaps) Monetizing VRP with Swaps. Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity.

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1-1 Options Mentoring

This program is designed to mentor options traders of all levels. It uses live online sessions with our experts to work on any particular subject the traders want to improve.

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